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Jesse Ault

Advisor(s): Howard A. Stone
Degree: Ph.D. Thesis: Swirling Flows with Applications to Energy and Biology

William Eggert

Degree: M.Eng.

Yuyang Fan

Advisor(s): Marcus Hultmark
Degree: PhD Thesis: High Resolution Instrumentation for Flow Measurements

Alta Fang

Advisor(s): Mikko Haataja
Degree: Ph.D. Thesis: Modeling microstructural evolution during crystallization: from organic thin films to electrodeposited metals

Matthew Feldman

Advisor(s): Edgar Choueiri
Degree: Ph.D. Thesis: The Direct Wave-Drive Thruster

Tanya Gupta

Advisor(s): Daniel Steingart
Degree: Ph.D. Thesis: Surface Phenomenon in Electrochemical Systems

Tara Nealon

Advisor(s): Marcus Hultmark
Degree: M.S.E. Thesis: Simulating and Modeling a Dynamically Scaled Wind Turbine

Bradley O'Brien

Advisor(s): Julia M. Mikhailova
Degree: M.S.E. Thesis: Design of an Experimental Setup for Studying Intense Femtosecond Laser Pulse Filamentation in Gases

Ben Reimold

Advisor(s): Alexander Glaser
Degree: M.S.E. Thesis: Minimally-Invasive Treaty Verification: A Prototype of the Buddy Tag

Andreas Rousing

Degree: M.Eng.

William Scott

Advisor(s): Naomi Ehrich Leonard
Degree: Ph.D. Thesis: Optimal Evasive Strategies for Groups of Interacting Agents with Motion Constraints

Vanessa Uzonwanne

Degree: M.S.E. Thesis: Adhesion and Entry of Gold Nanoparticles Into Breast Cancer Cells

Sheng Yang

Advisor(s): Chung Law
Degree: PhD Thesis: Chemical Kinetics and Propagation Dynamics of Laminar and Turbulent Flames


Steven Atkinson

Advisor(s): Salvatore Torquato
Degree: PhD Thesis: Structure and Rigidity in Maximally Random Jammed Packings of Hard Particles

Carla Bahri

Advisor(s): Marcus Hultmark &Michael Mueller
Degree: PhD Thesis: Fundamentals and Scaling of Passive Scalar Fields in Isotropic Turbulence

Nathan Calvert

Advisor(s): Richard Miles
Degree: PhD Thesis: Femtosecond Laser Electronic Excitation Tagging for Aerodynamic and Thermodynamic Measurements

Scott Dawson

Advisor(s): Clarence Rowley
Degree: PhD Thesis: Reduced-order Modeling of Fluids Systems, with Applications in Unsteady Aerodynamics

Anthony DeGennaro

Advisor(s): Clarence Rowley
Degree: PhD Thesis: Uncertainty Quantification for Airfoil Icing

Sili Deng

Advisor(s): Chung Law&Michael Mueller
Degree: PhD Thesis: Chemistry-transport Coupling in Flame Dynamics and Emissions

Jie Feng

Advisor(s): Howard A. Stone
Degree: PhD Thesis: Dynamics and Applications Inspired by Bubble Bursting at a Compound Interface

Katherine Fitch

Advisor(s): Naomi Ehrich Leonard
Degree: PhD Thesis: Optimal Leader Selection in Multi-agent Networks: Joint Centrality, Robustness and Controllability

Imene Goumiri

Advisor(s): Clarence Rowley
Degree: PhD Thesis: Modeling of Plasma Rotation Control for NSTX and NSTX-U

Taehee Han

Advisor(s): Szymon Suckewer
Degree: PhD Thesis: Intrastromal Corneal Reshaping Using a High-Intensity Femtosecond Laser: A Novel Method of Vision Correction

Katherine Hartl

Advisor(s): Alexander Smits
Degree: PhD Thesis: Experimental Investigation of Laboratory Fire Whirls

Yong Lin Kong

Advisor(s): Howard A. Stone
Michael McAlpine
Degree: Ph.D. Thesis: The Fabrication of Devices with Functional Nanomaterials

Joseph Lefkowitz

Advisor(s): Yiguang Ju
Degree: Ph.D. Thesis: Plasma Assisted Combustion: Fundamental Studies and Engine Applications

A.J. Eldorado Riggs

Advisor(s): N. Jeremy Kasdin
Degree: PhD Thesis: Integrated Wavefront Correction and Bias Estimation for the High-Contrast Imaging of Exoplanets

Joshua Spechler

Advisor(s): Craig Arnold
Degree: PhD Thesis: Laser Processed Silver Nanowire Network Transparent Electrodes for Novel Electronic Devices


Sean McGuire

Advisor(s): Richard Miles

Tao Han

Advisor(s): Mikko Haataja

Jiaxing Sun