Department Resources

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Michael Littman
D202A Engineering Quadrangle
(609) 258-5198

Undergraduate Administrator
Theresa Russo 
D230 Engineering Quadrangle
(609) 258-7972

Independent Work Coordinator
Luigi Martinelli
D302C Engineering Quadrangle
(609) 258-6652

Undergraduate Teaching Labs

Manufacturing, Machine Shop Fabrication of Parts

Glenn Northey
Office: Machine Shop
Phone: (609) 258-4758

Electronic and Technical Support Laboratories

Mike Vocaturo
Office: J209
Phone: (609) 258-5236

Jonathan Prevost
Office: J209
Phone: (609) 258-2726 

Machine Shop Associate

Al Gaillard
Office: Machine Shop
Lab Name: Machine Shop
Phone: (609) 258-0140