Recent and Upcoming Dissertations


Date Student Title Advisor Examiner Time Room
Danielle Chase Fluid-structure interactions in low-Reynolds-number flows: patterned surfaces and elastic boundaries
Howard A. Stone
Michael Mueller / Marcus Hultmark A210 (Lapidus Lounge)
Cristian Lacey Computationally Efficient Data-Enhanced Manifold Modeling of Multi-Modal Turbulent Combustion
Michael E. Mueller
Udari Madhushani Learning through social interactions and learning to socially interact in multi-agent learning
Laurel Leonard
Naomi Leonard / Simon Levin (EEB) / Elad Hazan (COS) J223
Kris Meehan The Nanosecond Pulsed Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuator for Boundary Layer Separation Control
Mikhail Shneider
Mikhail Shneider / Clancy Rowley / Yevgeny Raitses J223
Gawoon Shim External control of cellular collectives with direct current electrical stimulation
Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen / Andrej Kosmrlj / Danelle Devenport (Department of Molecular Biology) G201 (Eisenhart Room)
Alex Pique High Reynolds number Wind Tunnel Studies of a Wind Turbine's Wake
Marcus Hultmark
Marcus Hultmark / Michael Meuller / Elli Bou-Zeid (CEE) J223
Xiaohan (Amanda) Du Ultrafast focus control in laser processing using liquid acoustic lenses: modeling, methods, and applications
Craig Arnold
Craig Arnold / Glaucio Paulino (CEE) / Julia Mikhailova J223
Jason Liu Structure Formation via Phase Transformations in Soft Materials
Craig Arnold
Craig Arnold / Rod Preiestley / Mikko Haataja / Robert Prud'homme (CBE) A210 (Lapidus Lounge)
Mohamed El Hedi Bahri Thermal Fluctuations of Active and Anisotropic Elastic Membranes
Andrej Košmrlj
Andrej Kosmrlj / Mikko Haataja / Pierre-Thomas Brun (CBE). J223
Alec Farid Provably Safe Learning-Based Robot Control via Anomaly Detection and Generalization Theory
Anirudha Majumdar
Ani Majumdar / Naomi Leonard / Tom Griffiths J223