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Graduate Programs

The majority of outstanding technical problems in today’s science and engineering require a multi-disciplinary approach, and our department has a strong tradition in defining and pursuing new research areas at the intersection of engineering, physics, chemistry, biological sciences, and applied mathematics.

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Undergraduate Programs

The Department offers two accredited degree programs, one in Mechanical Engineering and the other in Aerospace Engineering.  Students who wish to pursue both programs simultaneously can do so with careful planning of course selections.  Either program provides a foundation for a wide range of career objectives and may be combined with certificate programs.

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jiarong wu

Jiarong Wu: How Wind Amplifies the Waves

Air flowing through a microchannel coil. Water circulating between

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Research Day 2021

The sixth annual Research Day for Princeton’s department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering was held September 10 and it was a chance, as Ph.D. candidate Wilson Ricks explains it, “for students and labs to show what they do.”

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