Funding for Travel and Organizations

Undergraduate Student Funding for Scholarly Travel

The Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering has a limited number of travel grants available to MAE undergraduate students to travel for scholarly activities related to Independent Work, Senior Thesis or Senior Project, when no other funding options are available. This may include presenting a paper or poster at a professional conference. We will consider proposals from individuals who have a specific need to travel for professional enhancement such as a recognized student organization chapter conference.   For students invited by their thesis adviser, it is expected that the adviser will provide the funding for travel.  Proposals are accepted in both fall and spring semesters with grants awarded up to $300 per student per academic year.

To request travel funds students must apply through the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE).  Search for:  MAE Undergraduate Student Funding for Scholarly Travel.

The following information will be required:

  • the date(s), location, and purpose of travel
  • the title and abstract of paper/poster, if relevant
  • a travel budget for all trip expenses
  • an accounting of funds already committed from other sources (department, adviser, etc.)
  • adviser name
  • a statement from the applicant how this will benefit your research or academic study
  • a statement of support from your adviser emailed to the Undergraduate Administrator

Student Organization Funding Request

Your group may submit the information below, in writing, to the Senior Manager.  Reviews typically take 1-2 weeks and we will inform you of the outcome in writing.

  1. Full proposal describing the event, conference or other activity of the funding request.  The proposal should clearly describe how MAE students will participate and include a list of the MAE students who are involved with planning or are participating.  How many students participate in total, from all departments?
  2. Detailed budget including a list of confirmed contributors (department names and amount requested is sufficient).
  3. What other departments or units have been solicited for funding support?  List of department names.  Are the Keller Center or the School of Engineering and Applied Science aware of the event or providing any support? 
  4. Name of the student organization sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students and the associated department number.
  5. Approved funding requests require that a report be submitted by the end of the academic year in which the funding is provided.  In addition to a summary of activities, the report should include a detailed budget and expense report, list the MAE students who participated and describe their participation.  Failure to submit the report may impact the ability to fund future requests from the student organization.