Michael Mueller

Michael Mueller
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Ph. D., Stanford University, 2012 (Mechanical Engineering)
D332 Engineering Quadrangle
Faculty Assistant
Tom Wing
FAX: (609) 258-6109

Short Bio

Prof. Mueller's research focuses on high-fidelity computational modeling of turbulent reacting flows, in which he utilizes a multi-fidelity approach leveraging full-fidelity Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) for physics discovery for the development of physics-based models for high-fidelity Large Eddy Simulation (LES) applicable to practical engineering systems such as gas turbine combustors and reciprocating engines.  Areas of current interest within his research group include multi-modal turbulent combustion, pollutant emissions, and combustion-affected turbulence.  In addition, he is active in areas of applied computational science including the development of new approaches to uncertainty quantification and the development of new numerical algorithms and their implementation on emerging parallel computing architectures.

Selected Publications

  • B.A. Perry, M.E. Mueller, A.R. Masri, A two mixture fraction flamelet model for Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent flames with inhomogeneous inlets, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (2017) 1767-1775

  • S. Deng, M.E. Mueller, Q.N. Chan, N.H. Qamar, B.B. Dally, Z.T. Alwahabi, G.J. Nathan, Hydrodynamic and chemical effects of hydrogen addition on soot evolution in turbulent nonpremixed bluff body ethylene flames, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (2017) 807-814

  • H. Koo, M. Hassanaly, V. Raman, M.E. Mueller, K.-P. Geigle, Large Eddy Simulation of soot formation in a model gas turbine combustor, Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power 139 (2017) 031503

  • S. Deng, P. Zhao, M.E. Mueller, C.K. Law, Flame dynamics in oscillating flows under autoignitive conditions, Combustion and Flame 168 (2016) 75-82

  • M.E. Mueller, V. Raman, Effects of turbulent combustion modeling errors on soot evolution in a turbulent nonpremixed jet flame, Combustion and Flame 161 (2014) 1842-1848