Craig Arnold

Craig Arnold
Susan Dod Brown Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Vice Dean for Innovation
Ph. D., Harvard University, (Physics) 2000
Other Affiliations
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Executive Committee, Princeton Institute of Materials
Princeton Environmental Institute
Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment


D404C Engineering Quadrangle/Bowen Hall Rm 320

Faculty Assistant

Melissa Nini

Research Areas

Short Bio

Research in the Arnold group primarily focuses on laser processing and transport in materials with particular emphasis on shaping laser-material interactions. We strive to develop a deep understanding of the fundamental materials and optical physics, in order to have a direct impact on applications at the frontiers of technology in fields ranging from energy to biology and imaging to nanoscience. Key examples of our work in this area include the research and development of optical trap assisted direct-write nanopatterning (Trap and Zap), the tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction (TAG) lens for high-speed varifocal imaging and materials processing, laser direct-write printing for complex materials in biological and energy applications, and solution based printing methods of chalcogenide glass for mid-infrared photonic applications. The research is primarily experimental in nature with a mix of fundamental and applied projects.

Principal Research Efforts include:

  • TAG lens adaptive optics for imaging and materials processing
  • Bessel beam optical trap assisted near field laser direct-write nanopatterning
  • Fundamentals of laser forward transfer and "On-the-fly" materials modification
  • Photo-modifiable materials and processing for mid-infrared photonics
  • Relations between mechanical properties and electrochemical performance in energy storage applications
  • Laser surface texturing for biological surfaces