Materials Science


Modern materials science seeks to understand and influence the behavior of materials at a variety of length scales, ranging from the atomic to the macroscopic, utilizing experimental and theoretical or computational tools as probes. Our experimental research includes nanoscience, biomaterials, high-temperature materials, laser-materials interaction and electrochemical process with diverse applications from transportation to medicine to renewable energy.

Current Projects:

  • Lasers are used to construct nano-structured materials for energy storage and power generation and are exploited in the field of adaptive optics and micromanipulation of materials with light.
  • Quantum mechanics-based simulation tools are developed and used to enable discovery and design of materials for sustainable energy, including converting sunlight to electricity and fuels, optimizing lightweight metal alloys for fuel-efficient vehicles, and characterizing hydrogen isotope incorporation into plasma facing components of fusion reactors.
  • Microstructural evolution is being examined with phase field approaches with applications to organic electronics, mechanics of materials, energy storage and renewable energy.
  • Electrochemical materials processing and additive, high throughput fabrication methods are being studied for energy storage applications, with a focus on low cost, long life systems. Static and dynamic strain analysis of complex materials systems as applied to energy storage.
  • Statistical mechanics tools are used to study the role of thermal fluctuations and disorder for the mechanics of materials and to guide a design of new mechanical metamaterials. Such metamaterials can be used to make sensitive force sensors, flexible electronics, drug delivery containers, micro-actuators, materials with tunable non-linear response, etc.
Craig Arnold

Craig Arnold

Susan Dod Brown Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Vice Dean for Innovation
D404C Engineering Quadrangle/Bowen Hall Rm 320
Emily Carter '23 headshot

Emily A. Carter

Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment
Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
D430 Engineering Quadrangle
Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen

Assistant Professor
109 Hoyt
Andrej Kosmrlj

Andrej Košmrlj

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
D404D Engineering Quadrangle