Clay Byers

Clayton Byers

D008 Equad

Short Bio

After earning my BSME at Washington State University, I spent four years in the US Air Force as a program manager. Our office was in charge of maintaining and upgrading the Western Range space launch facilities at Vandenberg AFB, CA. I completed my commitment in July 2013 and came to Princeton to pursue a PhD in mechanical engineering, where I was fortunate to meet and work with Professor Hultmark. My current pursuits are on the study of temperature as a passive scalar in a turbulent boundary layer. We apply different mathematical methodologies to the turbulent equations of motion in order to attempt to find appropriate scaling parameters. We then utilize and modify our experimental facilities at the Forrestal campus to obtain data and apply those scalings. Current pursuits involve studying the mean and variance of the temperature field for different Prandtl numbers. Future work will investigate different boundary conditions (such as a constant wall heat flux vs. constant wall temperature) and the turbulent heat fluxes in the boundary layer.