Julia M. Mikhailova

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Associate Professor
PhD, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2007 (Physics)


D420 Engineering Quadrangle

Research Areas

Short Bio

Attosecond science, high-­harmonic and attosecond‐pulse generation and application. High-­field physics, high-­power lasers, relativistic laser‐plasma interaction, synchrotron­‐type intense x‐ray radiation from solids, laser­‐driven particle acceleration. Ultrafast and nonlinear optics, few-­cycle optical pulse generation, optical parametric chirped pulse amplification, femtosecond laser filamentation, nonlinear fiber optics. Quantum optics, entanglement of quantum states, biphoton states in spontaneous parametric light scattering.

Selected Publications

M.R. Edwards, N.J. Fisch, & J.M. Mikhailova, Strongly Enhanced Stimulated Brillouin Backscattering in an Electron-Positron Plasma. Physical Review Letters 116, 015004 (2016).

M.R. Edwards, V.T. Platonenko, J.M. Mikhailova, Enhanced attosecond bursts of relativistic high-­order harmonics driven by two‐color fields, Optics Letters, 39, 6823 (2014)

P. Heissler, R. Hoerlein, J.M. Mikhailova, L. Waldecker, P. Tzallas, A. Buck,, K. Schmid, C. M. S. Sears, F. Krausz, L. Veisz, M. Zepf, and G. D. Tsakiris, Few-­cycle driven relativistically oscillating plasma mirrors: a source of intense, isolated attosecond pulses, Physical Review Letters 08, 235003 (2012)

J.M. Mikhailova, M.V. Fedorov, N. Karpowicz, P. Gibbon, V.T. Platonenko, A.M. Zheltikov, and F. Krausz, Isolated attosecond pulses from laser-­‐driven synchrotron radiation,Physical Review Letters 109, 245005 (2012)

J.M. Mikhailova, A. Buck, A. Borot, K. Schmid, C. M. S. Sears, G. D. Tsakiris, F. Krausz, and L. Veisz, Ultrahigh-­‐contrast few-­‐cycle pulses for multipetawatt-­class laser technology, Optics Letters, 36, 3145 (2011)