Control, Robotics and Dynamical Systems

Dynamics and Controls

The analysis, synthesis, and design of systems with complex dynamics, and techniques for controlling such systems using feedback, play important roles in many aspects of engineering. Ongoing research in this area includes nonlinear dynamical systems, reduced-order modeling, optimal control and estimation, coordinated control of networked multi-agent systems, nonlinear control, and geometric mechanics.


Applications and current research projects include underwater robotics, from fish and eels to underwater gliders; cooperative control of robotic vehicle networks; decision-making dynamics; collective behavior in animal groups; modeling and control of fluids; control of unsteady aerodynamics for micro-air vehicles; orbital mechanics and space mission design; adaptive optics for ground and space telescopes; modeling cognitive and other neurobiological processes; control of liquid metals; plasma control for fusion energy optimization; methods for cancer detection; and optimal control of disease processes.

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