Victoria Ou: Blending Mechanical Engineering with an Understanding of the Human Body

 Christopher Galea: Math and Physics as a Work of Art

 Xinyi Minnie Liu: How the MAE Research Day Winner Overcame Adversity to Build Better Batteries

 SeungYeon Kang: Exploring the How and Why of Ultrafast Lasers and Energy Harvesting

 Prepare for Takeoff

Sam Otto: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Modeling Turbulence

Jonathan Prevost: Learning from Experience

 Anthony Savas: Taking Control of Networked Multi-Agent Systems

 Fred Zheng: From Rube Goldberg Machines to Robotics

 Daniel Cohen

 Katherine Kokmanian

 Adam Fisher

 Emre Turkoz

Michael Galvin

 Hao Zhao

 Soumya Sudhakar and Grace Lynch

Clay Byers


Lamyaa El-Gabry


Adelle Dimitui





Ting-Hsuan Chen


Mark Miller


Larry Loprete


Abhishek Saha


 Suin Shim


 Bec Gray


Mattie Baron '18


 New Thermo and Fluids Lab


 Joshua-Umansky Castro

Jonathan MacArt


Marcus Hultmark



Fitsum Petros


Aarav Chavda '17


Michael Mueller

Alex Glaser

Will Coogan


Isabel Cleff


Daniel Floryan


Greg Davies: Preserving Our Natural World


Peter Landgren: Exploring the Science of Burritos and Belugas


Pat Vail: Staying the Course: Fusion Research 


Bruce Perry: Member of MAE’s Combustion Olympics team


Tyler Van Buren: Merging Disciplines for a Greater Impact


Glenn Northey & Al Gaillard: The Duo Behind MAE's Machine Shop


Hari Subedi: Working to Make My Dreams Come True


Chuck Witt: New Approach to Quantum Mechanics, Computations Offers Insight for Green Materials


Chris Reuter: Are Cool Flames the Key to More Efficient Engines?



Michael Hepler: Mission to Mars: Harnessing Electric Energy to Power a Spacecraft



Nari Baughman: At the Andlinger Center, Nari Takes Work (and Life) Seriously



Andrej Kosmrlj: Kosmrlj finds mathematical links in materials science and biology