Barrie S. H. Royce

Barrie S. H. Royce
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., King's College London, 1957

Short Bio

Professor Royce is interested in the mechanical properties of materials on the nanometer length scale. Scanning force microscopy has been used to obtain local elastic modulus data. The method was applied to polymeric fibers with diameters of circa 20 micrometers to obtain local structural information across the transverse fiber section.The indentation method raises interesting questions about the length scales to which the concept of Young's modulus can be carried as the size of the indenting probe is reduced to be comparable to molecular dimensions.

Macroscopic studies of confined Euler buckling were conducted using thin metal foils to provide a two-dimensional experimental configuration.Bifurcation instabilities were detected and their behavior compared to analytical and numerical models developed by Holmes and Domokos.

Energy alternatives are also of concern as the fossil fuel supply starts to become less available. The implications for transportation are of particular interest particularly when convolved with global warming issues.

Selected Publications

"An Interactive Laboratory Notebook," (1997)

"The Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials," (2001)

Human Powered Transportation, (1999)

"Constrained Euler Buckling", .(with G. Domokos and P. Holmes) Mechanics: From Theory to Computation, Ed. J. Nonlinear Sci., p 413-446 Springer (1999)

"Carbon Emissions," Letters to the Editor, Times Literary Supplement, April 22, 2007 p 17.