Frederick Dryer

fred dryer
Professor Emeritus
Doctor of Philosophy, Aerospace and Mechanical Science, Princeton University
Other Affiliations
Educational Foundation Distinguished Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
Honorary Professional Fellow, Mechanical Engineering, University of Melbourne, Melbourne AU

Faculty Assistant

Emma Kruse

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Short Bio

Dr. Dryer is no longer accepting or advising graduate students at Princeton

Frederick L. Dryer received a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1966 and a Ph.D. degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences from Princeton University in 1972. Dr. Dryer served on the Professional Research Staff in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department from 1971-1981.  He joined the tenured faculty in 1981 and was promoted to full professor in 1983. He served as the Undergraduate Departmental Representative from 1984-1987, and as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences from 1987-1990. Dr. Dryer became an Emeritus faculty in 2013, and was a Senior Scholar member of the Professional Research Staff through 2019.  Prof. Dryer joined the University of South Carolina in Mechanical Engineering in 2016 as an Educational Research Foundation Distinguished Research Professor.  

Dr. Dryer is a former associate editor and editorial board member of Combustion Science and Technology, co-editor for the Proceedings of the 26th and 27th International Symposiums on Combustion, and a former editorial board member of the International Journal of Chemical Kinetics and of Progress in Energy and Combustion Science. He is currently a Fellow of the International Combustion Institute (2012 Egerton Gold Medal Awardee; 2014 Invited Plenary Speaker), a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers, an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (2014 Propulsion and Combustion Medal), and a member of the American Chemical Society and the National Fire Protection Association. Dr. Dryer was elected to the National Academy of Engineering (Aerospace and Mechanical Sections) in 2021.

Dr. Dryer’s Academic Tree:

Selected Publications

S. H. Won, S. J. Lim, S. Nates, A. K. Alwahaibi, F. L. Dryer, F. Farid, M. Hase, “Combustion Characteristics of Crude Oils for Gas Turbine Applications by DCN measurements and NMR Spectroscopy”, Proc Combust Ins 38 (2021) 5463-5473.

T. I. Farouk, S. H. Won, and F. L. Dryer, “Sub-millimeter Sized Multi-component Jet Fuel Surrogate Droplet Combustion: Physicochemical Preferential Vaporization Effects”, Proc Combust Ins 38 (2021) 3313-3323.

D. Carpenter, S. Nates, F. L. Dryer, and S. H. Won, “Evaluating Ignition Propensity of High Cycloparaffinic Content Alternative Jet Fuel by a Chemical Functional Group Approach, Combust Flame 223 (2021) 243-253.

S. Dooley, S. H. Won, and F. L. Dryer, “Surrogate Fuels and Combustion Characteristics of Liquid Transportation Fuels”, Chapter 10 in Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering Mathematical Modelling of Gas-Phase Complex Reaction Systems: Pyrolysis and Combustion (T. Faravelli, F. Manenti, E. Ranzi, eds.) Elsevier B.V. 45 (2019) 513 – 592. ISBN: 978-0-12-819579-6

F. M. Haas, S. H. Won, F. L. Dryer, and C. Pera, “Lube Oil Chemistry Influences on Auto-ignition as Measured in an Ignition Quality Tester”, Proc Combust Ins 37 (2019) 4645-4654.

F. L. Dryer, “Chemical Kinetic and Combustion Characteristics of Transportation Fuels”, Proc. Combust. Ins. 35, (2015). 117-144 Invited Plenary.

F.M. Haas and F.L. Dryer, “Rate Coefficient Determinations for H + NO2 → OH + NO from High Pressure Flow Reactor Measurements”, J Phys Chem A 119 7792–7801 (2015). Special Issue.

F.L. Dryer, FM. Haas, J. Santner, T. Farouk, and M. Chaos, “Interpreting Chemical Kinetics from Complex Reaction‐Advection Diffusion Systems: Modeling of Flow Reactors and Related Experiments”, Prog Energy Combust Sci 44 (2014) 19-39.

F.L. Dryer, S. Jahangirian, S. Dooley, S.H. Won, J. Heyne, V. Iyer, T.A., Litzinger , R.J. Santoro , “Emulating the Combustion Behavior of Real Jet Aviation Fuels by Surrogate Mixtures from Hydrocarbon Fluid Blends”, Energy Fuels 28 (2014) 3474–3485.