Luc Deike

Luc Deike
Associate Professor
PhD, Universite Paris Diderot, France, 2013
Other Affiliations
High Meadows Environmental Institute


D428 Engineering Quadrangle

Faculty Assistant

Melissa Nini

Research Areas

Short Bio

I am an Associate Professor at Princeton University, in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department and the High Meadows Environmental Institute.

We work on fundamental fluid dynamics with an emphasis on non-linear and multi-scale systems. I am focusing on fundamental physics problems, motivated by their importance in environmental and industrial applications, as diverse as the statistics of waves in the ocean, floating ice sheets, gas transfer by surface breaking waves in the ocean, spray generation and dynamics in the atmosphere, as well as oil spill mitigation strategies.

We design and develop complementary laboratory and numerical experiments to propose simple physical models describing the processes at play. Currently, we focus on breaking waves, bubble dynamics in turbulence and gas transfer, as well as bubble bursting and spray generation.