Garry Brown

Garry Brown
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., University of Oxford, 1967
Other Affiliations
Fellow of the American Physical Society
Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Short Bio

Professor Brown's present research includes experiments in turbulent flows; turbulent flow control using electromagnetic tiles, compressible flow transition, and the fluid mechanics of a radiatively driven hypersonic wind-tunnel (numerical predictions and experiments).

Principal research activities include:

  • Electromagnetic Turbulence Control Theory (with Professor D. Nosenchuck)
  • The Princeton Radiatively Driven Hypersonic Wind Tunnel (with Professor R. Miles)
  • Turbulent Reacting Flows at High Speed (with Professors Miles, Smits and Jameson)
  • Compressible Boundary Layer Transition
  • The Incompressible Turbulent Wake

Selected Publications

G.L. Brown, A.P. Ratta, R.W. Anderson, L. Martinelli, W.R. Lempert and R.B. Miles, "Fluid Mechanics in a Radiatively Driven Hypersonic Wind Tunnel - Prediction and Preliminary Experiment," 19th AIAA Aerospace Advanced Measurement and Ground Testing Confer

G.E. Karniadakis and G.L. Brown, "Vorticity Transport in Modeling Three-Dimensional Unsteady Shear Flows," Phys. Fluids 7, pp. 688-690 (1995).

R. Dongsu, G.L. Brown, J.P. Ostriker, and A. Loeb, "Stable and Unstable Accretion Flows with Angular Momentum Near a Point Mass," The Astrophysical Journal 452, pp. 364-378 (1995).

R.B. Miles, G.L. Brown, W.R. Lempert, D. Natelson, R. Yetter, J. Guest, G. Williams, and S.M. Bogdonoff, "Radiatively Driven Hypersonic Wind Tunnel," 18th AIAA Aerospace Ground Testing Conference, June 20-23, 1994, Colorado Springs, CO.

G.L. Brown and J.M. Lopez, "Axisymmetric Vortex Breakdown, Pt 2, Physical Mechanisms," J. Fluid Mech. 22l, pp. 553-576 (1990).