Independent Work/Senior Thesis Key Dates - AY 23-24



Undergraduate Key Dates


The following are very important dates you should keep in mind. Please remember that the University determines many of these deadlines. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in a grade penalty or refusal to accept your proposal and/or reports.


September 8 

Mandatory Meeting Senior Class

September 22

Fall proposals due

September 28

Marshall & McKinzie fall funding proposals (supplemental funding upon request)

December 7

Senior Independent Work Written Report due (MAE 439)

December 11, 12 & 13 

Preliminary Design Review Sessions

December 13

Final Presentations for On-Semester (MAE 439)

January 16*

Jr. IW written report due (MAE 339, 339D)


Mandatory Meeting IW/Thesis

February 9

Spring proposals due February

February 22

Marshall & McKinzie spring funding proposals due (supplemental funding upon request)

April 24

Senior Independent Work Written Report due (MAE 440, 442 & 444)

April 30*

Jr. IW written reports due (MAE 340 & 340D)

May 1

Poster Session (MAE 440, 442 & 444) (posters not required for Jr. IW)

May 6

Oral Presentations for Senior Awards


*Junior IW University Deadline by ODOC Fall Jan. 16, Spring April 30, University Deadline for Senior Thesis is Monday, April 29 *(Absolutely no extensions may be granted beyond these dates without the approval of your Residential College Dean/Dean of the College)

MAE's deadline for Senior Thesis is April, 24

F’23: Reading Period December 8 – December 15 Dean’s Date; Final Exams December 16 – 22; All UG Grades Due 12/22 w/o final schedule & All other UG Grades 1/9; Jr IW Grades Due 1/23

S’24: Reading Period April 29 – May 7 Dean’s Date; Final Exams May 10 – 16; Senior Thesis grades due 5/16; All UG Grades Due by 5/17; Jr IW Grades Due 5/21