MAE 2020 Excellence in Teaching Award

Congratulations to MAE Graduate students, Kelly Huang and Jason Liu, recipients of the Undergraduate and Graduate Engineering Council for receiving the 2020 Excellence in Teaching Award and to Al Gaillard for receiving the Special Recognition Award (Machine Shop)!​

Kelly  for MAE 222 Mechanics of Fluids (Spring 2019) and Jason for MAE 324 Structure and Properties of Materials (Fall 2019).


The honorees are:


Spring 2018-19

Professor Arvind Narayanan (COS 226)

Professor Miklós Rácz (ORF 350)

Professor Ramon van Handel (ORF 309)

Professor Matt Weinberg (COS 445)

Kelly Huang (MAE 222)

Ross Teixeira (COS 226)

Dr. Kasey Wagoner (PHY 104)

Al Gaillard – Special Recognition Award (Machine Shop)


Fall 2019-20

Professor Amir Ali Ahmadi (ORF 363)

Dr. Sonja Francis (CHM 207)

Professor Claire Gmachl (EGR 151)

Dr. Kevin Wayne (COS 226)

Dr. Ibrahim Albluwi (COS 226)

Professor Gabriele di Cerbo (MAT 201)

Jason Liu (MAE 324)

Dr. Jérémie Lumbroso (COS 126)


The Excellence in Teaching Awards, sponsored by the Graduate Engineering Council and held Thursday, gave the opportunity for students to honor faculty and teaching assistants. Here’s Shalaka Madge '21, who honored grad student Kelly Huang, mechanical and aerospace engineering.



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