Conversations with National Laboratories Webinar July 23

Successful careers are fueled by relationships and cannot thrive in isolation, yet this summer professional networking may not be easy. Conversations with National Laboratories is a series of webinars with prominent researchers, who will talk and answer your questions about their career paths and research at the National Labs.

Our next conversation is with Dr. Kathy Prestridge, an alumnus of the MAE Department currently leading the Proton Radiography & Implosion Hydrodynamics Project, and the Extreme Fluids Team at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

Date/time: Thursday, July 23 at 12pm

Location: Zoom meeting, Webinar registration

Speaker: Kathy Prestridge, LANL

Abstract: Los Alamos National Laboratory has a strong national security mission combined with a broad foundation in fundamental science. I will discuss scientific opportunities at Los Alamos, including student programs and postdoctoral research, using the context of my own career in experimental fluid dynamics. Highlights from my research will include breakthroughs in our understanding of variable-density turbulence and shock-driven mixing, and how my research has benefited from collaborations.

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