Conversations with National Laboratories webinar August 12

Successful careers are fueled by relationships and cannot thrive in isolation, yet this summer professional networking may not be easy. Conversations with National Laboratories is a series of webinars with prominent researchers, who will talk and answer your questions about their career paths and research at the National Labs. Video recordings of webinars can be found at

Our next conversation is with Dr. Ahmed Diallo, Principal Research Physicist at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), and project leader in advanced plasma diagnostics.

Date/time: Wednesday, August 12 at 12pm ET

Location: Zoom meeting, Webinar registration

Speaker: Ahmed Diallo, PPPL

Prospects at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory: From fusion sciences to microelectronics.

Abstract: After crossing multiple continents, I integrated a national laboratory working on a fusion device - NSTX. I will provide a brief overview on the various types of magnetic configurations I worked on. I will then focus on discussing opportunities within PPPL. I will briefly discuss efforts to develop advanced plasma diagnostics to improve our understanding of the edge of fusion devices. In addition, I will highlight the new initiatives in microelectronics, using as an example EUV lithography plasma science program that I am developing.

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