Grad Students Wilson Ricks and Wahid Zaman Receive Presentation Awards at the First Energy and Informatics International Forum

Wilson Ricks and Wahid Zaman

"Energy & Informatics International Forum" is part of the curriculum of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, in which students develop their design thinking ability by synthesizing the scholarly knowledge, exploring (interdisciplinary), crossing( transdisciplinary), and adding to (multi-disciplinary) the border between energy and information.

Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics (ISE) students, program members (Tokyo Tech, companies, overseas partner institutions) and the students from overseas program members gather together at the forum. Notable researchers from overseas partner institutions (primarily the world’s top 15 universities that are consortium members) are invited to discuss research outcomes, debates, and more.

Wilson Ricks (left) received the Gold Medal for his presentation on "The Value of In-Reservoir Energy Storage for Flexible Operation of Geothermal Systems" while Wahid Zaman (right) received a Silver Medal for "Influence of Kinetic Limitations in Stable Cycling of All Solid-state Li-metal Batteries."