On Class Day, the department celebrates graduates

Students sitting inside during class day celebration

MAE graduates at the department's Class Day celebration on May 27. Photo by Michael Franken

Princeton MAE honored its 37 graduating seniors in a Class Day ceremony on Monday, May 27, conferring honors and awards for outstanding academic achievement.

"We, the faculty and staff, are very proud of all 37 of you," said Naomi Ehrich Leonard, Edwin S. Wilsey Professor and chair of MAE. "We are so impressed with your creativity, your curiosity, your skills and insights, your accomplishments, and the depth and breadth of your thinking and doing. We hope that what you have learned and experienced here in MAE will serve you well into the future."

Bryan Alfaro and Alexander Kim were co-winners of the Sau-Hai Lam*58 Prize in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, which honors academic achievement and excellence. 

Candace Do was awarded first place for the Morgan W. McKinzie ’93 Senior Thesis Prize. This award recognizes the best senior thesis in the department. 

Professor Michael Littman with two award winners at the MAE class day celebration
Professor Michael Littman with Alexander Kim and Bryan Alfaro, co-winners of the Sau-Hai Lam*58 Prize for Academic Excellence. Photo by Michael Franken

Sarah Fry and Liora Nasi Kazado were co-winners of the Donald Janssen Dike Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research. This award honors excellent independent work. 

Benjamin Benjadol and Devdigvijay Singh were both awarded the John Marshall II Memorial Prize, which recognizes the excellence of independent work related to aerospace engineering. 

Charlie Rogers received the Enoch J. Durbin Prize for Engineering Innovation. This award recognizes special interest and aptitude in engineering innovation. 

Pia Dicenzo and Nathan Gage were awarded the George Bienkowski Memorial Award for scholarship and service to the department. 

Reese Knopp won the Sigma Xi Book Award for excellence in research.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science held a separate ceremony to recognize the graduating seniors. SEAS selected two mechanical and aerospace students for awards:

Sarah Fry received the George J. Mueller Award, recognizing a senior who has combined high scholarly achievement in the study of engineering with quality performance in intercollegiate athletics.

Devdigvijay Singh received the Lore von Jaskowsky Memorial Prize, which recognizes a student who has participated in research that has resulted in a contribution to the field, has added to the quality of the university life, and intends to pursue a career in engineering or applied science.

Princeton MAE's Class of 2024

Bryan Abraham Alfaro
Sau-Hai Lam*58 Prize

Faraz T. Awan

Ariel Bachman

Manali Sunil Badwe

Benjamin Lekmanee Benjadol
John Marshall II Memorial Prize

Jessica Genevieve Celuch

Justin Chae

Linda Chen

Pia Dicenzo   
George Bienkowski Memorial Award

Candace Do
Morgan W. McKinzie ’93 Senior Thesis Prize

Orli Shlomit Epstein

Sarah Rose Fry
Donald Janssen Dike Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Nathan Gage
George Bienkowski Memorial Award

Avinash O. Gajai

Ben Gorse

Alexander Haywood

Isa Kessinger

Alexander Pil-Yong Kim 
Sau-Hai Lam*58 Prize

Isabel Marie Kim

Reese Knopp
Sigma Xi Book Award

Patrick Dominick Kozak

Max Kreidl

Khoa Nguyen Dang Le

Sullivan Hugh Meyer

Liora Nasi Kazado
Donald Janssen Dike Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Pedro Miguel Neves Pimenta

Parker Harrison O'Neal

Vraj Jignesh Patel

Ariana Michelle Rausch

Sameer Harris Riaz

Durrah Afrina Ridhuan

Charlie Rogers
Enoch J. Durbin Prize for Engineering Innovation

Itai Evan Savage

Devdigvijay Sandeep Singh
John Marshall II Memorial Prize

Alex W. Tang

Kazuki Tojo

Kristen Marie Umbriac