Allen Ren wins Princeton's top honor for grad students

Allen Ren
Allen Ren. Photo courtesy of Ren

Allen Ren, doctoral student in the mechanical and aerospace engineering, has been awarded the Jacobus Fellowship, the top honor awarded to graduate students by Princeton University. 

Established in 1905, the Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship is awarded to students who, in the judgement of the faculty, demonstrate the highest scholarly excellence. Four grad student across the university receive the fellowship, which supports their final year of study at Princeton. 

Ren works with Anirudha Majumdar, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and is part of the Intelligent Robot Motion Lab. He designs algorithms that enable robots to operate safely and robustly in a variety of environments. This helps build trust between robots and humans. 

Prior to arriving at Princeton in 2019, Ren recieved bachelors and master's degrees from Johns Hopkins University. During his doctoral work he has worked at Google DeepMind, Toyota Research Institute, and the Intelligent and Interactive Autonomous Systems Group at Stanford.