MAE Research Day 2022

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Maeder Hall Auditorium

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MAE Departmental Seminars

2018 research day

Join us for the 2022 Annual MAE Research Day presentations! The MAE Department BBQ will follow in the E-Quad Courtyard. 

Six students will be presenting their research in four subject areas: 

Control, Robotics and Dynamical Systems

Nate Simon, “Fast-response hot-wire flow sensors for wind estimation and gust rejection on UAVs
Alec Farid, “Failure Prediction for Vision-Based Robot Control”

Fluid Mechanics

Dan Shaw, “Microplastic transport by bursting bubbles”
Paul Kaneelil, “Three-dimensional self-similarity of coalescing viscous drops in the thin film regime”


Tejas Dethe “Controlling Acoustic Wave Propagation in Periodic Elastic Materials via Buckling-induced Symmetry Breaking”

Propulsion & Energy Sciences

Katie VanderKam, “Distributed Combustion: Understanding the Complexities of Turbulence and Flame Interactions”

Hosting Group

Graduate Student Committee