Doing Research in MAE

Are you submitting a proposal?

Begin your proposal by reading the Call for Proposal. It is important to set aside enough time to write and assemble your proposal, as well as to allow grant managers to do their part in assisting you with your proposal. In addition, ORPA (Office of Research and Project Administration) has final approval of your proposal, and needs five days prior to deadline.

Determine who will be involved in the project: PI, Co-investigators, researchers and students. In addition, if there are other Co-I’s at other institutions, we will need to set up a sub award with that institution. We will need a Statement of Work as well as budget and justification of the budget from your sub awardee. In addition, there are other forms that need to be completed by them.  See link for a convenient checklist when including a Subaward into your research proposal:

Budget: Decide how much effort each participant will commit to the project. Also consider materials, travel (domestic/foreign), and equipment needed. If equipment is needed, please obtain current quotes for each piece, as well as Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) on the equipment and whether it is ITAR-controlled (International Trafficking in Arms Regulations). This information can normally be included on the quotes. See definitions for export control issues:

Compliance: Aside from export control issues, you must also determine whether your project will involve live animals, human subjects, biohazards, or conflict of interest. See Research Integrity and Assurance web site:

PI Certification form: This form is required to be submitted with each proposal.

Grant Management in MAE

You will be notified by email if your proposal has been awarded and assigned a chart string by ORPA. MAE grant managers and business manager are notified also. You will be assigned a grant manager; either Louis Riehl or Kathy Opitz, who will add personnel to your new project, and monitor expenses. They will send monthly projection statements, showing expenses that occurred during the past month, and can also help you to manage your grant’s future outcomes.

They also assist you in submitting proposals. Please give them plenty of time to work on the proposal (5 days minimum). Please send them a copy of the Call for Proposal, and discuss the parameters of the project and budgetary needs.