Freshmen Seminar 2014

The 12 students in my 2014 freshman seminar, From the Earth to the Moon, FRS 104, elected to design a robotic lunar lander in lieu of term papers or an exam, and here are the fruits of their labor. The proposal is exceptional, the result of incredible teamwork. The students developed a great sense of shared purpose, meeting several times a day for the past week or two to assure consistency and to polish their concept. Their written report was submitted on Dean's Date, and they gave an oral presentation May 19, 2014.
I've attached their written report below, the team logo, and a class picture that reflects true 1960s NASA-style spirit. The report builds on the design of prior lunar spacecraft, and it proposes several ideas that realistically push the state of the art. Now if we can just get $280M from NASA, we can start on the next phase.

Robert Stengel, Professor, Princeton University, School of Engineering and Applied Science, D-202 Engineering Quadrangle, Princeton, NJ 08544