Research Investigator - DuPont

From John Cannarella, who was a fellow grad student in Princeton MAE:  John now works at DuPont and is hiring for this role:

In his words, "The primary skill is an understanding of how to generate stable dispersions in polyimide matrices (a little chemistry), which can then be extruded (a little rheology)".

CPM R&D in Circleville has a core function of developing new novel polyimide films, and is extending the film portfolio to include other high performance, dielectrically insulating materials.  The R&D group is physically located adjacent to full scale polyimide manufacturing and the R&D area includes full wet lab & analytical capability, as well as a highly flexible pilot area.  The scientist for this role needs to be highly capable in materials science, physical chemistry, and polymer chemistry.  The individual needs to be highly self-motivated, have demonstrated innovative abilities, and interact in a team environment to plan and execute.