Pore Scale Modeling Postdoctoral Scholar

Berkeley Lab’s Energy Geosciences Division in Earth & Environmental Sciences Area has an opening for a Pore Scale Modeling Postdoctoral Scholar to develop pore-scale models for multiphase reactive systems, with a particular focus on fractures.  The principal focus area will be to elucidate mechanisms that control fracture alteration in multiphase systems, with the ultimate goal of informing permeability and chemical evolution of fractured porous media at continuum scales. The modeling work will initially involve the coupling of a reactive transport code with a multiphase flow simulator. The incumbent will also involve some lab work that visualizes fluid-solid and fluid-fluid interfaces for model development and validation. You will work as part of a larger team that includes geochemists, computational scientists and hydrologists aiming to develop better predictive capability for subsurface alteration driven by coupled physical and chemical processes.