Engineering and Computing Faculty - Florida International University

The College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) at Florida International University (FIU) invites applications for tenured/tenure-track, open rank faculty position beginning Fall 2018. Outstanding candidates are sought with expertise with specialization in:

Computational Modeling and Visualization (1 position)

Infrastructure and Disaster Risk /Vulnerability Reduction (2 positions)

These positions are part of a cluster hiring initiative to grow pre-eminent areas of research excellence at FIU. The applicants may have joint appointments in multiple departments. Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree or equivalent in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering or a related field, demonstrated a record of scholarly work commensurate with rank and commitment to teaching a diverse set of undergraduate and graduate students in the area Mechanical Engineering and/or Civil Engineering. The candidate will work closely with the Bridge Engineering, Extreme Events Institute, Sea Level Rise Center, Southeast Environmental and Research Center, and Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute (AMERI). A brief description for each position is described below:

1. Computational Modeling/Virtual Reality: Candidates are sought in the area of Virtual Reality applications in large infrastructure engineering including Computational fluid dynamic (CFD), virtual assembly, virtual manufacturing, and mechanism synthesis; optimization; fundamentals of engineering design including design ideation and concept generation and human-computer The candidate is expected to work across several centers and department including Integrated Computer Augmented Virtual Environment (ICAVE) and Built Environment
Informatics Lab (BILT).

2. Infrastructure and Disaster Risk /Vulnerability Reduction: Candidates are sought with an expertise in systme of systems, risk and reliability, sustainable infrastructure, Design optimization and equilibrium modeling in energy environment, Algorithm development for multi-level
engineering-economic applications, Approximation assisted optimization, Multi-physics damage modeling and structural durability, and Design Decision Support System integrating engineering models with the information from the surveys. The candidates are expected to
work with another faculty in the area of community resilience to longterm environmental stress increases (e.g., sea level rise or climate shifts) and the interaction of those stresses with relatively quick onset shock events (e.g., hurricanes, storm surge, flooding).