Assistant Research Professor, Turbopropulsion Laboratory- Naval Postgraduate School

The Naval Postgraduate School’s Turbopropulsion Laboratory is seeking applications for a non-tenure track position at the assistant professor level. The position is within the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

We are interested in candidates whose primary area of research is in transonic turbomachinery for applications in gas turbine engines. The positions primary role will be to design and test transonic compressor and develop novel new ways to improve performance of compressors as well as overall gas turbine cycles. Knowledge of fields such as thermodynamics of turbomachinery, heat transfer, experimental and computational fluid analyses will be required.

Candidates must have earned a PhD in aerospace or mechanical engineering or a related field with emphasis on turbomachines. They must have a strong commitment to research and the publication of work. The Turbopropulsion laboratory has both computational and experimental aspects of research and applicants will be involved in both areas. The laboratories facilities include a transonic test rig capable of testing 287 mm rotors at 27 000 rpm, a Mach 4 capable 100 mm wind tunnel and a very large cascade windtunnel capable of testing Reynolds numbers of 1 million in a section with 11 blades. Proven programming skills in languages such as Matlab or Python are required as well as in the use of engineering software packages such as solid modelling, computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. In addition knowledge of setting up Data Acquisition systems, acquiring and post processing of the data is required.