Assistant Professor in Soft Condensed Matter Physics - Durham University

Applications are invited for an Assistant Professorship in Soft Condensed Matter Physics, to be held in the Department of Physics at Durham University.

Candidates should hold a PhD or equivalent in physics or a closely related subject and have an outstanding record of research in soft matter. Those with expertise in theory and/or molecular simulations of soft matter and complex fluids are particularly encouraged to apply. An interest in collaborating with our experimental soft matter programme would also be welcomed.

Soft matter research in an important sub theme within the condensed matter physics programme in Durham. Our current interests include the theory and simulation of non-equilibrium dynamics, phase behaviour, rheology, self-assembly, fluid dynamics, wetting, interfacial phenomena, membrane physics and biophysics. Experimental research includes interfaces at the nanoscale; functional principles of biological membranes and responsive interfaces; and bio-molecular design as an approach to synthetic biology. Existing infrastructure include Durham's high-performance computing service (Hamilton), and experimental facilities for atomic force microscopy, circular dichroism, confocal microscopy, epifluorescence microscopy, and dynamic light scattering.