Climate & Inclusion in MAE

Statement to the MAE Community on racism

Dear MAE Community,

On Sunday, 31 May 2020, President Eisgruber shared his thoughts regarding recent events and our collective and individual responsibilities to actively combat racism (Statement from President Eisgruber on the killing of George Floyd and the importance of confronting racism):

"We have witnessed yet again how this nation’s long legacy of racism continues to damage and destroy the lives of black people.  The heartless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis occurred soon after the unjust shootings of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia and Breonna Taylor in Louisville.  It coincided with the appalling harassment of Christian Cooper in New York’s Central Park, an incident that demonstrated how easily a racist complaint could put a black man in danger.  [...] We all have a responsibility to stand up against racism, wherever and whenever we encounter it.  Commitments to diversity, inclusivity, and human rights are fundamental to the mission of Princeton University. "

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering supports this statement, condemns racism in all forms, and joins this call to action.  We express our solidarity with those who have been deeply impacted by recent events, especially our Black community members.  We support all members of our community who are making their voices heard and standing up for change. We further reaffirm our commitment to an inclusive community in which individuals from all backgrounds are respected and can thrive, as expressed in our value statement (MAE Value Statement) Any racist sentiments or racist actions are inconsistent with our values and have no place in our community.  We truly value a diverse community, and we commit to both expanding current initiatives and developing new initiatives to build and strengthen a diverse community in MAE.

The MAE Climate & Inclusion Committee exists to support all members of our community. Early next week, the Committee will be hosting an Open Forum to engage the entire MAE community in a discussion to identify concrete actions we can take together to combat systemic racism and promote diversity in our community and beyond.  Additionally, we can review and discuss ongoing initiatives to promote diversity in MAE.  Details of the Open Forum will be communicated separately in the coming days.  Ahead of the Open Forum, feel free to reach out to any member of the faculty, reach out to any member of the Climate & Inclusion Committee (listed on the website), or provide anonymous feedback to the Committee via anonymous email at


MAE Faculty and MAE Climate & Inclusion Committee


MAE Value Statement

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering seeks to create an inclusive community in which individuals from all backgrounds are respected and can thrive.  All members of the community are collectively responsible for fostering such an inclusive environment for our common activities in research and teaching.  We value differences in perspective that are mutually constructive and beneficial both to individuals and to the community as a part of a professional environment.

Climate and Inclusion Committee

The Committee represents all constituencies relating to the research and administrative activities of the Department including faculty, staff, researchers, and graduate students.  The Committee has no decision-making power and only discusses matters relating to climate and inclusion and makes recommendations to the Department leadership, that is, the Chair and the Senior Manager.


Committee Charge

The Committee facilitates communication amongst the Department community and between the community and the Department leadership to enhance climate and inclusion.

Feedback to Committee
Anonymous feedback can be sent to the Committee co-Chairs via email:  All emails to this address must originate from a email address, and all identifying information about the sender is removed from the email header and can be neither reconstructed nor traced.

Each constituency of the community is represented on the Committee, and these representatives or the co-Chairs should be the first point of contact for any matters related to climate and inclusion.  Note that the members of the Committee are NOT anonymous resources and are subject to mandatory reporting requirements when applicable (e.g., reports of sexual misconduct).

The Committee regularly discusses all matters brought to its attention.  When necessary, these matters are brought to the attention of the Department leadership, that is, the Chair and the Senior Manager.

Committee Membership

Michael E Mueller, co-Chair
Associate Professor

Luc Deike, co-Chair
Assistant Professor

Anastasia Bizyaeva
Graduate Student

Dr. Martin Erinin
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Jeff Addo
Technical Support Specialist

Alec Farid
Graduate Student

Jiarong Wu
Graduate Student

Dr. Pierre-Yves Taunay
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Upcoming Open Forums




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