Jesse Ault Wins First Place in MAE Research Day 2016

Congratulations to Jesse Ault, who won the 2016 MAE Research Day prize for his talk "Vortex-breakdown-induced Particle Capture in Branching Junctions." Jesse's research is in the Fluid Mechanics area and he is advised by Professor Howard Stone. Jesse is also the recipient of the Harold W. Dodds Honorific Fellowship for the 2016-17 academic year. The fellowship recognizes outstanding performance and professional promise, and represents high commendation from the Princeton University Graduate School.

The MAE Research Day runner-up was Will Coogan, whose talk was titled "Direct Measurement of the Applied-Field Component of the Thrust from a Lorentz Force Accelerator." Will is advised by Professor Edgar Choueiri in the Applied Physics area.  Presentations were also given by Renato Pagliara, "Resilience in Complex Systems: Insights from Foraging Red Harvester Ants" advised by Professor Naomi Leonard in the Dynamics and Controls group; Jingjie Hu, "Magnetite Nanoparticles for Breast Cancer Detection," advised by Professor Wole Soboyejo in the Materials Science area; and Jon MacArt, "Recent Advances in Computational Turbulent Combustion: From Fundamental Insights to Practical Applications," advised by Professor Michael Mueller in the Propulsion and Energy Science area. Congratulations to all of the speakers for their excellent presentations. 

MAE Departmental Fellowships were also awarded at Research Day. Congratulations to the following recipients:

Wenkai Liang – Harari Fellowship
Xinyi Minnie Liu – Larisse Klein Award
Jonathan MacArt – Crocco Award for MAE 427 Energy Conversion and the Environment –Spring 2016
Sebastián Rojas Mata – Crocco Award for MAE 501 Mathematical Methods of Engineering Analysis I in Fall 2015
Anthony Savas – Phillips Fellowship & Athena-Feron Award
Vivian Steyert – Summerfield Fellowship
Fan Yang –Guggenheim Fellowship & Sayre Award
Yaofeng Desmond Zhong – MAE Second Year Department Fellowship

MAE Research Day was held on September 16, 2016.