Doctoral Students - Laboratory for Autonomy, Control, Information, and Systems - University of South Florida

The Laboratory for Autonomy, Control, Information, and Systems (LACIS, at the University of South Florida is looking for exceptional doctoral students with solid background and creative skills.  The LACIS is a highly-active research laboratory on systems and control with past and current projects from a broad set of funding agencies, where the researchers at the LACIS have the opportunity to collaborate with many researchers around the world.  Doctoral students to be hired are expected to perform high-quality and creative research on distributed control and robust adaptive systems with applications to swarm of unmanned aerial and ground vehicles.  Our intention is to give a strong guidance to maximize the chances of our students for building a rewarding career.

The intended start date for these open positions is Spring 2018/Summer 2018.  In addition, basic application requirements for these open positions include:  1) A Master of Science degree in a closely related field such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, or mathematics.  2) A strong record of courses taken related to systems and control (including but not limited to linear control systems and nonlinear control systems).  3) If the candidates already have published and/or submitted research papers related to systems and control, this will be considered very positively during the application process.

If you are interested in joining the LACIS at the USF to do transformative high-impact research, please send an email to Dr. Tansel Yucelen (, the Director of the LACIS, and include A) your resume (resume needs to include a list of undergraduate and graduate courses taken related to systems and control as well as mathematics - with grades on these courses, and it should also include list of published and/or submitted papers, if any) and B) a concise paragraph explaining your theoretical and experimental experience precisely related to systems and control.  Please also include contact information (name, affiliation, and email) of your current advisor and at least one other reference.