CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowship in Analytical and Computer Modelling - University of Western Australia

Postdoctoral Fellowships at CSIRO provide opportunities to scientists and engineers, who have completed their doctorate and have less than three years relevant postdoctoral work experience.  These fellowships will help launch their careers, provide experience that will enhance their career prospects, and facilitate the recruitment and development of potential leaders for CSIRO.

Postdoctoral Fellows are appointed for up to three years and will work closely with a leading Research Scientist or Engineer in their respective field. They carry out innovative, impactful research of strategic importance to CSIRO with the possibility of novel and important scientific outcomes. They present the findings in appropriate publications and at conferences.

The successful candidate will work with the UWA-CSIRO Chair in Complex Engineering Systems, Professor Michael Small and a team made up of researchers (modellers and experimentalists) from CSIRO Mineral Resources, Data 61 and UWA. The successful candidate will be capable of, and experienced in, applying their work to real systems to produce innovative solutions to challenging problems. In this case the primary focus will be on understanding and advancing processes that influence polymer-induced dewatering of particle systems.