Assistant Professor Water-Related Molecular Engineering - University of Chicago

The Institute for Molecular Engineering (IME) is a unique interdisciplinary institute launched by the University of Chicago in 2011 with the aim of translating molecular-level science into technological solutions with potential societal impact in health care, energy, environmental sustainability and information technology. An independent unit within the university, IME is also affiliated with Argonne National Laboratory, and joint appointment is encouraged when appropriate. 

IME invites applications for one or more faculty positions in the area of Water-related Molecular Engineering.  Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, water purification and utilization, water in energy science and production, water in climate/atmospheric/earth/environmental sciences, water in biology/health/medicine, and related basic science.  Please see for a fuller description of the IME water theme.  We invite applications at the ranks of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor.  Positions are available in both experiment and theory.  Candidates must have a doctoral degree in a relevant field of study and have an outstanding research record. Successful candidates will be expected to establish and maintain a strong research program and to teach at the graduate and undergraduate levels.