Spotlight: Valerie Carroll

Central to MAE ’s Business Office, Valerie Carroll has been helping people in MAE for over 12 years.  She assists with departmental credit card purchases, Marketplace orders, keys, building access, phone problems, paychecks, mail, setting up mailboxes, and just about whatever else you can think of.


On March 1, Valerie will step down from her important post and will begin doing all the fun things she’s dreamed of – starting with a trip to the Caribbean with her daughter, Alex.    She enjoys the beach, traveling, golf, gardening, making jewelry, and playing with her dog, Leo, and cat, Ziva.


Before landing in MAE in January, ’05, Valerie worked at a private PR/advertising firm in Princeton, and then as a temporary office assistant in Princeton University’s Alumni office, and in Alexander Hall.   


All of us in MAE will undoubtedly miss the outgoing problem solver and “gitter done” (as she often says) person we’ve all come to appreciate. 


Please stop by and wish her well before she begins her next exciting chapter!